SUEDE store Mike Cherman of Chinatown Market Interview

by SUEDE Store on July 09, 2019

We had the pleasure of interviewing the mind behind the new, fresh streetwear brand Chinatown Market.
For Mike Cherman, streetwear has always been a way of connecting with people.
With his brand born of skate culture, the 28 years-old designer is bringing a new vision of street fashion in the world.

We asked him some questions about his way of being and about the new collection.

Let's start from the origins, what led you to create the brand?

Chinatown Market was started from a place of exploration and DIY. Starting from just a small collection of hand made t-shirts inspired by the spirit of Canal St. NYC the brand was born.

Why did you choose the name Chinatown Market? Does it have a particular meaning?

There is no deeper meaning to Chinatown Market, it all happen by beautiful accident. We strive to have fun everyday.

What inspired the style of your collections?

DIY and Exploring, the whole ideas is not to sell collections but sell ideas.

On what are you working about right now?

Sneaker Collaborations, big projects in the works I think you will like!

What is the piece from your collection that most distinguishes the soul of Chinatown Market?

Thank You Have A Nice Day

The smile is one of the most recognizable symbol of your brand, what is its meaning for you?

Smiling is important, live your best life! :)