Afew x Saucony Shadow Master 5000 "GOETHE“

by Fabrizio De Lucia on October 24, 2017

Wolfgang Johann von Goethe is one of the most respected poets and belongs to the circle of representatives of the world literature. With over 50.000 pieces of his art, the Goethe Museum in Düsseldorf is the largest exhibition by today. Saucony Master Shadow 5000 is inspired by Goethe, one of the greatest Poets in the history of poetry and the Goethe Museum in Düsseldorf, which is close to Afew store. The colorway with its rose and grey colors are a hommage to the colors of the in 1763 builded castle and the whole architecture. And like the awesome architecture the materials had to be premium to fit the whole concept. A premium Suede extends from heel to toe and some elements of the roughened leather are accurately perforated. In reference to Goethe and his literary world heritage, the details of these masterpieces should be preciseley reminiscent. The Poet himself was perpetuated by us on the tongue and presents itself in a papercut patch. You’ll find one of his famous poem on both heels, next to our debossed logo. There is another poem on the insoles, together with both collaboration partner. To get the finishing touch, there is a third poem on the additional laces, in a style of poetry written with a feather. 

RELEASE 28.10.17 IN-STORE AT 10:30am | ONLINE AT 2:00pm GMT+1

Price Saucony Shadow Master 5000 150,00 Euro