New Balance U520 x Hanon "Fishermans Blues"

by Fabrizio De Lucia on September 28, 2017

Hanon founded in 1990 and based in Aberdeen, Scotland continues their enduring partnership with New Balance .

Drawing inspiration from their geographical roots, hanon pays homage to the north east of Scotland and its illustrious history in North Sea fishing.

Aberdeen harbour is the oldest existing business in the UK with a history that spans almost 900 years whilst the north east of scotland has the largest shellfish port in Europe.

Towns and communities in the north of scotland evolved and were built around fishing with some settlements dating back to the medieval times.

A marine climate and chilly summers and intemperate winters

Fisherman's Blues captures the spirit of a bygone era where superstitions and myth carried weight as seafaring men leaned heavily upon omens and luck to secure a safe return from the hardships of fishing in the North Sea.

One such superstition was the carrying of husbands on the backs of their wives from home to port to avoid their feet getting wet.

Fail We May Sail We Must. Sometimes at sea for many weeks of the year fisherman had to endure the inhospitable conditions of the North Seas and its intemperate weather as many seafarers would never return.

Hanon reimagine the classic 520 running shoe drawing from the nautical theme with a marine based colour palette as the upper is excuted in an array of sea blues and executed in a plush leather application.

Price New Balance U520 120,00 Euro

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