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adidas Originals OZWEEGO AND LXCON: Powered by the past

by SUEDE store on August 06, 2019
adidas Originals looks back to its archive to create the latest expressions of two contemporary icons: the OZWEEGO and LXCON silhouettes. Powered by the past, the OZWEEGO and LXCON silhouettes take elements from two key 90s silhouettes and radically reimagine their aesthetics for the contemporary wearer.
Inspired by the OZWEEGO 3, a lightweight and comfortable cushion runner silhouette from 1998, the new OZWEEGO silhouette adopts a futuristic design approach with a distinctive eye stay panel, defined midsole lines, and a translucent support tube. The LXCON silhouette also takes cues from the design of its OG iteration, presenting its now-iconic design language in a contemporary context. With a unique lacing system and knitted upper, it is a modern silhouette which could only have built from the adidas archive.
Both the OZWEEGO and LXCON silhouettes feature signature adiPRENEtechnology from the adidas archive, mutating adidas Originals DNA for creators today. Worn as a badge of honor and a symbol of technological innovation in footwear during the 90s, adiPRENE reimagines a performancefrom the past to create maximum comfort for the present.
OZWEEGO and LXCON silhouettes are born out of a continued search for the future of footwear aesthetics and represent the spirit of a new generation of creators. A celebration of the brand’s reimagining and dissecting of its past to create the icons of tomorrow, OZWEEGO and LXCON silhouettes are the latest in the line of forward-thinking adidas Originals design.