adidas Originals by PORTER

by SUEDE Crew on June 06, 2017

adidas and the Yoshida Company began life as small, family-run businesses. adidas made sportswear, Yoshida made bags and over the latter half of the 20th century both became giants in their respective fields. Now experts in our industries, together we present a small collection of high quality footwear and bags. It is east meets west; a truly special exchange of ideas.

PORTER – the main brand under the Yoshida umbrella – has a worldwide reputation for the paramount quality of its products. The brand offers a great variety of items in innumerable fabrics and is best known for the iconic TANKER line. Launched in 1983, Tanker was inspired by the ight jackets ( MA-1 ) worn by US Air Force pilots and has risen to cult status in Japan but also around the globe. 34 years on, TANKER fabric is the material that binds the FTW in this release.

The NMD C_1 is among the most recent additions to the Originals line and for this project it is executed to blend exceptionally well with the TANKER bag series. In PORTER, adidas Originals has a collaborative partner that equally implements the highest standards in textile decisions, design aesthetics and construction. The result is a smart, elegant and highly contemporary piece of footwear that upholds both company’s quality standards.

To complement this exclusive release, PORTER updates two of their key styles, the Helmet bag as well as the popular waist bag, with a couple of neat nods to adidas Originals. The lining of both bags appears in the Originals blue while the 3-Stripes are subtly integrated as zip tape. Attractive but durable and lled with functional built-in storage, you can tell within moments why PORTER products have such a strong reputation.

It would be easy to focus on tradition, hammer on about heritage, but with Originals these factors are always a given. Today it is about how we use that heritage to construct outstanding and timeless products. In partnership with PORTER we have achieved a stunning result.

RELEASE 10.06.17 at 00:01 GMT+1 online on 

adidas by Porter NMD - 160,00 Euro 

adidas Originals by PORTER Helmet Bag  - 230,00 Euro

adidas Originals by PORTER Waist Bag - 170,00 Euro