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adidas Consortium x Sivasdescalzo "Sobakov Boost"

by Suede Store on June 03, 2019

A hybrid design between a football shoe and a running shoe, this Sobakov has a vibrant colour-block effect making direct reference to the popular mascot and global icon of the 1982 World Cup, Naranjito. Most obviously, this is referenced in the three lateral stripes identifying the brand, which are highlighted in contrasting orange and green mesh. The black toe and heel, reinforced with shock absorbing BOOST technology, plus Sobakov gum sole in the centre are crisscrossed with lines that energise and accentuate the curvilinear design of the shoe, while the white k-leather tongue recalls classic football shoe design. 

An exercise in inventive nostalgia whose launch includes a new jersey that, along with the Sobakov Boost, bears the three distinctive orange stripes, while the ample collar gives it an unmistakable retro feel. The jersey will be available as a gift for the first purchasers while supplies last.  

For the launch, on May 9th, three artists from the current creative youth scene have produced an audio-visual piece based on the values that the 1982 World Cup championed throughout Spanish society. The dancer Candela Capitán, the music producer MANS O and the poet Alejandra Smits reinterpret in their respective artistic disciplines – dance, music and poetry – without any direct lived experience of the era, when Spanish society opened to the world and experienced a long-awaited renaissance of freedom and change.